What I Learned as a Moron

by Mike Evans

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I was strangled and left for dead when I was 11 because I attempted to defend my Jewish mother from the abuse of my father. He never called me “son” only “moron.” My fire was turned into fuel, and my pain was turned into power…and yours can be, too. My greatest shame was that I could not defend one Jew, my mother, from an anti-Semite. This year I was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for a lifetime of defending Jews and combatting anti-Semitism.


This book can bring healing to people who have suffered abuse and bullying. In the natural, there was no way for me to succeed in life. I’ve spoken at the Kremlin and the White House and met with dozens of world leaders. I’ve written a #1 New York Times bestseller. I founded the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem and the Corrie ten Boom Holocaust Center in Holland. All this happened because God taught me how to turn my prison into my platform and I believe you can also.

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