Stand With Israel

by Mike Evans

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This book addresses head-on the most important political and prophetic issue of our day—what we should do in regard to the nation of Israel.

Governments around the world are turning against the Jewish state…and putting themselves and their people on a pathway to judgment and destruction.

Drawn from Dr. Evans’ many years of Bible study and first-hand knowledge of the situation in Israel and the Middle East, this powerful book opens the pages of Scripture to reveal the truth behind the news that makes the headlines. Every friend of Israel needs to read this book to be encouraged to pray more and share these vital truths with others.

  • Israel Is God’s Dream
  • Jerusalem’s Spiritual Significance
  • God Abhors Anti-Semitism
  • Comfort Israel
  • God’s Gifts and Call to Israel Have Not Been Revoked
  • The Value of Intercessors
  • and many more

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