Buying a copy any of our titles at TimeWorthy Books is a first and important step in making a difference in America’s policy toward Israel and Iran. Unless you pay close attention to what the Bible says about Israel, you may not be aware of how closely today’s headlines were prophesied thousands of years ago. And your help is urgently needed!

America’s public and international policies are poised to take a sharp left turn in the coming years. Christians urgently need to unite…to fall to our knees and fight a spiritual battle over our nation. We need moral clarity to prevail as we oppose evil and pray for justice and righteousness to once again rule our land.

We face a national crisis of international proportions. It is time for God’s people to remember our Biblical heritage, recalibrate our moral compass of right and wrong to God’s way of thinking, and pray for salvation both in this world and the world to come.

And whether you’re concerned over the moral direction of America, what’s happening in Israel or other events around the world, we offer you the insights and resources to help you make a difference!

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