Betsie ten Boom, Promise of God

by Mike Evans

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This historical novel from New York Times bestselling author Dr. Mike Evans, explores the life of one of the great Christian giants of faith who risked everything to save Jews from the Holocaust. Betsie ten Boom is not as well-known as her sister Corrie, whose story was told in the book and the Billy Graham film, The Hiding Place, but she and her father are also honored in the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum as two of the Righteous among the Nations. This book tells Betsie’s story—how the hopes and dreams of a normal young woman collided with the grim reality of an evil plot to destroy the Jewish people. Betsie ten Boom did not set out to be a heroine…she just was not willing to sit by watching and doing nothing while the Nazis hauled off Jewish people to the death camps.

So she became a very unlikely part of the Dutch Underground. The ten Boom family helped save some 800 Jewish people during the Holocaust. This powerful book will bring their story to life in a new way for you, encouraging and challenging your faith along the way.

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