The Commanded Blessing

by Mike Evans

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Dr. Mike Evans was the most unlikely person imaginable to become a bestselling author, powerful preacher, friend and confidant of world leaders, and the head of a global prayer movement. As a boy, he was horribly abused by his father, even being strangled and left for dead at age eleven. He stuttered and had stomach ulcers. How did this man become who he is today? Through the amazing blessing of God. Here’s how Dr. Evans tells the story:

Through the years, numerous people have asked me, “What causes God to bless you so much?” I can tell you one thing for certain—it’s not me, it’s all about Him! But the blessings I have received are not just for me. God is, I believe, an equal opportunity employer. He has a commanded blessing for you, as well as for me. Our responsibility is to place ourselves in a position to receive that blessing.

This powerful book is a must-have for everyone who desires to see God work in a mighty way in his or her life. Chapters include:

Forgiveness and Mercy Bring Blessings

  • Humility Brings Blessing
  • Forfeiting Blessings
  • Courage Brings Blessing
  • The Commanded Blessing
  • and many more



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