Turning Your Pain Into Gain

by Mike Evans

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Abuse can stunt personal development, distort our perceptions of God, and poison relationships with others…but it doesn’t have to!  God has a plan to give you a victorious life and a bright future. This book shows you that plan.

This powerful book is a must read for everyone who has endured pain and suffering in the past.

Dr. Mike Evans, himself a victim of abuse, exposes the tangled roots and poisonous fruits of four forms of child abuse: neglect, psychological, physical and sexual abuse. Dr. Evans also provides a revealing analysis of spousal abuse, its victims, and the batterers themselves. Practical exercises at the end of each chapter provide tools for constructive action. As the unproductive, untilled soil of the soul is reclaimed, the abused will cross the bridge of hope and find long-buried seeds that can burst forth into fresh, NEW LIFE!  In Turning Your Pain into Gain, Dr. Evans works shoulder-to-shoulder with victims of abuse, laboring with them to reclaim lost ground.

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