The New Hitler

A Warning the World Must Heed Before It’s too Late

by Mike Evans

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The greatest threat to peace and security in the world today—not just for Israel, but for every nation that does not subscribe to the twisted theology of Iran’s extremist clerics—is Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran.  The “Supreme Leader” is a radical fascist in the mode of Adolf Hitler who hates the Jewish people and wants to see them exterminated.

Despite his repeated public declarations, the liberal media continues to ignore the threats that pour out of Tehran from this fanatical bigot.  Like Hitler before him, Khamenei places no value on human life.  All who oppose his view—Sunni Muslims, Jews, Christians, and all others—are merely pawns to be sacrificed for the spread of the Islamic caliphate he envisions.

It is vital that the world understand this threat before it is too late.  This powerful book, based on Dr. Evans’ extensive personal relationships across the Middle East, in-depth meetings with world leaders, and years of research, is one every friend of Israel and every lover of freedom must read.

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