Jerusalem DC

David's Capital

by Mike Evans

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For 3,000 years, since it was conquered by King David and established as the capital of the Jewish nation, Jerusalem has been the heartbeat of the Jewish people.  The small city has none of the attributes of the great cities of the world—no river, no port, no special natural resources; yet Jerusalem has been fought over and contested more than any other city.  Why? Because of the prophetic significance of the Holy City.

Jerusalem is home to two of the great monotheistic religions—Judaism and Christianity—and is claimed by the third, Islam.  It is the very center of God’s plan for the future of our world.  This book from Dr. Mike Evans expounds the past, present, and future of the Holy City. It is an invaluable resource for every friend of Israel and every Believer who wishes to obey the command to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

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