Columbus, Secret Jew

by Mike Evans

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Every schoolchild learns the story of Christopher Columbus and his trip to the New World. But almost every telling of this story leaves out vital details…details that new research and investigation into the writings of Columbus himself lead to startling conclusions. In this carefully researched book, Dr. Mike Evans reveals the hidden story of Columbus and his motivations in his famed voyage of discovery.

Many people have never considered that:

  • Columbus was likely a converso—one who chose to convert to Christianity through coercion
  • Columbus’ initial voyage was funded not so much by Queen Isabella’s jewels but mostly by a group of wealthy Jews
  • Columbus hoped to find a source of gold—perhaps King Solomon’s mines—in Asia in order to recapture the city of Jerusalem from the Muslims and fund the restoration of the Temple
  • Columbus hoped to find a place of refuge for Christians and Jews alike in order for them to escape the horrors of persecution descending upon Spain
  • Columbus traveled with a Jew who spoke Hebrew in hopes of finding the ten Lost Tribes during his trip to the New World

This eye-opening book is a fascinating read, and an important look at the life and background of Columbus. In addition, it paints a picture of life for the Jewish people during the Spanish Inquisition that shows why so many Jewish people believe that all Christians hate them.

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