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The Samson Option by Mike Evans

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Darkness blankets the eastern seaboard. From Maine to Georgia, the power grid is in shambles, destroyed by the pulse of a high-altitude nuclear detonation. Cities and towns of every size are on the verge of chaos. Only the military continues to function, frantically searching the seas for the two container ships bearing nuclear missiles poised for a second strike that will destory what remains of America. The President is convinced the attacks are the work of Al-Qa’ida operatives aided by elements within the Pakistani government. David Hoag knows the truth about who is really behind the attacks, but powerful forces in high places are bent on unleashing America's military might and Israel is poised for a response of its own. Can Hoag reach the President in the time to avert a worldwide disaster? Or, is the beginning of the end?

Award-winning Journalist Dr. Mike Evans