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Finding Favor With God By Mike EvansThe newest book from New York Times bestselling author Dr. Mike Evans highlights the lives of two incredible heroes: Orde Wingate and John Henry Patterson. These two men laid the foundation for the military defense of Israel before the Jewish state was reborn. Their skill, courage, and foresight prepared the nation of Israel to survive the wars and attacks that started as soon as Israel declared independence in 1948. Their stories are little known today, but they must not be forgotten.

ABOUT Finding Favor with Man

Finding Favor With God By Mike EvansThe latest book from New York Times #1 bestselling author Dr. Mike Evans shows you how you can experience God's favor in your relationships with other people. These powerful, Bible-based teachings will revolutionize your life as you learn to walk in God's favor day by day.

ABOUT Finding Favor with God

Finding Favor With God By Mike EvansFar more than a sweeping look at history, this is an intimate and personal look at the lives of the men and women who made the choice to become the Machal-Finding Favor with God from around the world who did their part to help the fledgling nation survive. The stories of these heroes of the past are so important in our day when once again Israel stands as an island in a sea of enemies, and both spiritual and physical battles are being waged for the future of the Jewish people. You won't be able to put this page-turner down!


Presidents in Prophecy by Mike EvansAbuse can stunt personal development, distort our perceptions of God, and poison relationships with others... but it doesn’t have to! God has a plan to give you a victorious life and a bright future. This book shows you that plan.


Presidents in Prophecy by Mike EvansIn his new book, Prayer, Power & Purpose, New York Times #1 Bestselling Author Dr. Mike Evans examines the prayers of Jesus throughout John 17 and challenges Christians to shake off spiritual malaise.


Presidents in Prophecy by Mike EvansThis historical novel tells the story of a very critical time in Israel’s history—the Six Day War. This battle against overwhelming odds produced a victory that solidified Israel’s position in the world...and reunited the Holy City.


Presidents in Prophecy by Mike EvansIn this exciting new book, Dr. Mike Evans presents a unique look at America's past, present, and future through the lens of Bible Prophecy.

God has a definite plan for our world - including the United States - in these prophetic days, and this book will help you see that plan and our role in a new light. Presidents of the United States have played a sometimes major role in determining whether Israel survived and thrived or was overrun by the enemy outside the gate.


Presidents in Prophecy by Mike EvansIn this exciting new book, Dr. Mike Evans presents a unique look at America's past, present, and future through the lens of Bible Prophecy.

God has a definite plan for our world - including the United States - in these prophetic days, and this book will help you see that plan and our role in a new light. Presidents of the United States have played a sometimes major role in determining whether Israel survived and thrived or was overrun by the enemy outside the gate.


Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: BORN AGAINJacob Schwarz survives the Holocaust thinking his wife, Sarah, was executed by the Nazis at Auschwitz.

After liberation, he makes his way to an Allied resettlement camp where, to his great surprise, he finds Sarah alive and well. Overcome with joy, they do their best to rebuild their once-shattered lives. But Europe is reeling from post-war turmoil and they soon decide their hope lies elsewhere.

Can they find the strength to persevere one more time? Or will they sacrifice everything to see their dreams fulfilled as the nation of Israel is born again?

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Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: CountdownThe same week as elections in Iran, I was in meetings with leaders in Israel; these included the president and former head of Mossad-Israeli intelligence.

After having been informed by some of the brightest minds in the nation that Iran possessed 200 kilograms (418 pounds) of enriched uranium, which I was told was enough to produce nuclear warheads. Meanwhile on the eastern front, Iran prepares for its attack on the "Little Satan," Israel. The world will experience a wake-up call from hell if this is allowed to happen. It will be paramount to a nuclear 9/11. The Countdown has begun.

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Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: The Kiss of GodJesus has a present-day ministry. He is no longer physically here, but His ministry continues in the lives of believers, just as if He were. Christ, living in us and through us, can continue His mission on earth. Christians today are being called to manifest nothing less than the present-day ministry of Christ: Jesus manifesting himself fully and completely through us, unhindered, in the person of the Holy Spirit, so He can fulfill His purposes on a daily, hourly, and moment-by-moment basis.

ABOUT Jerusalem: Where Heaven and Earth Met

Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: Jerusalem: Where Heaven and Earth MetThis powerful book from Dr. Mike Evans is an in-depth look at the Holy City, past, present and future. Dr. Evans goes back and traces the role of Jerusalem in the hearts and minds of the Jewish people through the centuries. Tales of conquest, prophecy and political intrigue make this true story read more like fiction. Included are first-hand accounts of Israeli leaders who helped shape the modern city of Jerusalem.

ABOUT The Four Horsemen

Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: The Four HorsemenAlmost a year has passed since terrorists from Iran set off a high-altitude nuclear explosion that destroyed the U.S. power grid, sending the eastern half of the country into darkness and chaos. Since then, America has rediscovered its strength in agriculture and President Hedges has vowed to make it the centerpiece of the nation's economy. But across the globe, forces are gathering that threaten to undo America's fragile recovery. And in Iran, a power shift has placed yet one more Islamic cleric in charge of the government, only this one has nuclear weapons at his disposal.

ABOUT The History of Christian Zionism

Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: The History of Christian ZionismThis massive two-volume work of more than 800 pages by Dr. Michael Evans is an in-depth exploration of the courageous men and women of faith who worked, gave, prayed, and in some cases, sacrificed their own lives for the sake of the Jewish people and the rebirth of Israel. Drawing on Dr. Evans' extensive years of experience and research, hundreds of interviews and thousands of hours of study and writing, this masterwork is a must-read for anyone who loves Israel and the Jewish people and wants to know the true history of the modern Jewish state.

ABOUT The Commanded Blessing

Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: The Commanded BlessingA blessed and fruitful life is not just for a select few—it is for every Believer who will follow and obey the Word of God. Dr. Mike Evans was the most unlikely person imaginable to become a bestselling author, powerful preacher, friend and confidant of world leaders, and the head of a global prayer movement. How did this man become who he is today? Through the amazing blessing of God. This powerful book is a must-have for everyone who desires to see God work in a mighty way in his or her life.

ABOUT Betsie ten Boom: Promise of God

Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: Betsie ten Boom: Promise of GodNow for the first time: An historical novel about the life of Betsie Ten Boom - the sister of Corrie. The inspiring story of their family was told in the Billy Graham movie "The Hiding Place". Betsie, Corrie, and their father Casper were individually honored by the state of Israel - as "Righteous Among the Nations" This incredible family of righteous gentiles are honored in Yad Vashem. This moving story is a wonderful way to honor the life of Betsie - who died in Ravensbruck Concentration camp just a few days before Christmas. Follow Betsie's journey through the darkest days of the Holocaust to the moment she leaves the Nazi prison for a freedom beyond her wildest imagination.


Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: Living In The F.O.G. (Favor of God)Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons with reckless abandon as part of its mission to annihilate the Jewish people and bring the United States to its knees. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's unequivocally terroristic threats may be taken by world leaders as boasting and bullying; that could be a costly mistake.

Persia - The Final Jihad by Mike Evans, outlines the history of Persia long before Daniel or Esther. It sets the historical stage for modern-day Iran, and peels the layers from deceptions and lies of Iranian leaders.

About Living In The Favor of God

Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: Living In The F.O.G. (Favor of God)The revelation inside the pages of this book is life transforming. Until God gave me this revelation, I had no idea that Scriptures I had circled even as a child would have special significance in the years to come.

After having seen Jesus face-to-face at the age of eleven, I knew I wanted to hear His voice again. That is what sparked this amazing search. I learned through this revelation how to hear the voice of God again and again-through His Word.

May the Spirit of God open your eyes to this revelation! Once you get it, you will refuse to be obsessed with what you’re going through; you will be obsessed with what you are going to.

About Living Fear Free

Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: Living Fear FreeOnce a spirit of fear takes root, you lose control of your emotions, sending you spiraling downward into a spiritual pit of despair, discouragement and disappointment.

It does not take extraordinary insight to realize tht we live in a fear-filled world. Yet fear does not have to be the condition of anyone who believes and claims the promises of God.

This powerful book will equip you to overcome the spirit of fear, build up your faith, overcome the enemy and replace breakdowns with breakthroughs in every part of your life.

About The Locket

Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: The LocketAs a young girl, Sarah Batsheva was infatuated with the handsome teenage boy who lived down the street. That teenage boy was Adolf Eichmann. It all seemed innocent and nice until Sarah’s grandmother died, and then nothing was ever the same again.

Set in Europe during World War II, The Locket follows Sarah’s journey from adolescence to adulthood, as she and her family endure the horrors of the Final Solution. Forced from their home into a Vienna ghetto, and later to the Nazi death camps, Sarah watches helplessly as her family and friends are murdered. She is marked for death, too, until Eichmann intervenes. When Sarah rebuffs Eich- mann’s romantic advances, she is arrested and sent to the camps. Can Sarah escape and survive long enough to find justice for the atrocities she was forced to endure? Will evil prevail and consign her to a life of fear and terror? Observe Sarah on her journey from the darkest days of the Holocaust to the day she enters a Jerusalem courtroom to face Adolf Eichmann.

About Seven Days

Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: Seven DaysSEVEN DAYS by Mike Evans is a wild ride into an attack on Iran before it happens followed by SEVEN DAYS of retaliation against Israel and the West.

Since 1948, Israel has launched numerous preemptive strikes against her foes. In 1981 and 2007 Israel destroyed Iraq and Syria’s nuclear reactors, and is now on the brink of a strike against Iran. Dr. Evans predicted the attack by Osama bin Laden on the World Trade Center in his 1999 fiction bestseller The Jerusalem Scroll. In 2003 he predicted the Arab Spring in his #1 New York Times bestseller, Beyond Iraq: The Next Move.

Now, Mike Evans' latest book lays the groundwork for a nuclear attack over seven critical days between Israel and Iran. Written as a fictional story, Evans details the evil plans to destroy the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

But is it just fiction ... or fact-based predictions? You decide. Read tomorrow's news today. Read Seven Days.

ABOUT The Candidate

Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: The CandidateWhat is the real reason for the ongoing conflict in the Middle East between the Jewish and Muslim populations?

It is important to establish that the conflict in the Middle East has never been about a Palestinian state. It’s not about the division of Jerusalem, checkpoints, fences, land or borders. The issue is Israel’s right to exist as a nation.

The refusal of the Arab world to accept Israel as a nation is at the heart of the conflict that has raged since May 14, 1948. Until this is acknowledged as the sole barrier to meaningful dialogue, there will never be peace, and in fact the very phrase “peace in the Middle East” becomes an oxymoron.

ABOUT The Final Generation

Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: Final GenerationJust before his dying breath, Peter exhorted us in the verses above that the first and foremost thing to remember in the last days was this:

Don’t fall for the lie that Jesus is not coming soon! And by now, I hope you can feel the urgency with which I write. Certainly wiser teachers than I have looked at these scriptures and the signs of their generation, declared that Jesus was coming within days or a couple of years at most—and to this point have all been proven wrong. Perhaps I will be as well. However, it is impossible to look at all of these things together as they are happening today and not feel we are in a pivotal time, a time such as Daniel faced as he read the Scriptures and recognized the imminent end of a prophetic age.

Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: The Samson Option ABOUT The Samson Option

The strong military deterrence provided by the tiny nation of Israel is of the utmost importance in pursuing peace in the Middle East. Thus far it has been only preventative because Israel has not been allowed to unleash the might of its military arsenal against its enemies. At some point, however, the line of demarcation will be crossed and Israel will be forced to do what its allies do not seem to have the courage to do. Remember Iraq’s Osirik nuclear reactor? If the U.S. fails to stand behind Israel’s attempts to free the world from Iran’s implied threats of nuclear attacks, the results will be catastrophic.

On the other hand, if the U.S. stiffens its resolve to be the true leader of the Western world and takes its place as such, the threat from Iran will be averted and the countries now seeking democracy and a better way of life will not be held hostage by the religious radicals who wish to control not only the Middle East but the world.

Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: The Revolution ABOUT The Revolution

The liberal left media in the U.S. and the White House supported a Democratic revolution to overthrow a dictator. What will be the outcome? The Shah of Iran was America's staunchest ally in the Middle East. On April Fools' Day 1980, the world beheld the rage of radical Islamists who had hijacked the country of Iran. Many Iranian diplomats and military leaders who supported the West were brutally tortured and murdered. So-called democracy under the Ayatollah Khomeini had come to Iran.

Now many are wondering: Will the Islamic revolution in Egypt and other Middle East countries lead to democracy or to Armageddon? What will stand in the way of tens of millions of radical Islamists in terrorist states and their mullahs from using the very rules and regulations designed to maintain order in government to instead use the system to reach their desired conclusion–in this instance, to gain international acceptance? What will keep these radical Islamists from controlling the hearts and minds of the masses as Hitler did during World War II by empowering radical Islam? And what will happen to the world economy as a result?

Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: The Protocols ABOUT The Protocols

believed to be true by Adolf Hitler, Henry Ford, and the late Osama bin Laden. It was introduced by the Russian secret police in an attempt to bolster the reign of Tsar Nicholas II. It erroneously exposed his enemies as co-conspirators with the Jews in a plot to take over the world. This fabricated document was embraced by a religious fanatic, Sergei Nilus, and published in 1905 in Russia. He published three separate versions of the book, and the last in 1917 indicated that Theodor Herzl was the writer of the mythical conspiracy theory. The book birthed the pogroms in Russia, and was used by Hitler as an excuse to exterminate six million Jews in Europe. Many Muslim leaders worldwide keep it within reach as the most revered book, after the Quran. Every terrorist organization uses this plagiarized copy to support the vile acts it commits.

Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: The Light ABOUT The Light

David Levin Ellis harbored a dark secret - a childhood of abuse at the hands of a child-molesting, anti-Semitic father who professed to be a born-again Christian.

David's pain was the key to his power.

David had to expose to the light the pains that his father and grandfather bore, and the weapons they used to defend themselves. He had to confront voices from beyond the grave which had tormented his great-grandfather, grandfather and father - not only for his sake, but for the sake of his children and grandchildren.

Time Worthy Books Dr. Michael D. Evans :: GameChanger ABOUT GAMECHANGER

An Islamic radical drives a Suburban loaded with explosives into the early morning drop-off line at a school in Denver.

In Chicago, another fanatical Muslim drives a gasoline truck into the Chicago Board of Trade building. Death and destruction rain down.

Terrorists crash small, explosive-laden airplanes into the airport in Atlanta, destroying two jumbo jets and the main terminal. All flights are grounded.

A nuclear bomb is exploded high above Washington, D.C. The entire East Coast power grid collapses. Everything is at a standstill.

This electrifying new fiction novel from Mike Evans traces the events from inception to execution — from the hopelessness of a world gone mad to a renewed hope.
Time Worthy Books Dr Michael D Evans


The Honorable Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: "Mike Evans is a fighter for freedom in a world of darkening and narrowing horizons. In his devotion to Israel, Mike has consistently demonstrated the moral clarity that is necessary to defend Israel against the lies and distortions of its enemies, and championed the Jewish people's claim to the Land of Israel…I look forward to strengthening our friendship on his many future visits to Israel."

The Honorable Danny Ayalon, Ambassador of Israel: "The Prime Minister (Ariel Sharon) would like to express his personal appreciation to you, Mike Evans, for being such a great friend of Jerusalem and the State of Israel, speaking out with courage and compassion for over two decades. He salutes your achievements and wishes you continued success."

The Honorable Ehud Olmert, Former Prime Minister of Israel: "I have known Mike Evans for more than two decades, and I consider him to be a great friend of Jerusalem and the State of Israel. He has always been there for us in our time of need speaking out with courage and compassion. Mike Evans is a true ambassador of Jerusalem, representing millions of Christians in America."

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