The Light Book by Mike Evans


David Levin Ellis harbored a dark secret - a childhood of abuse at the hands of a child-molesting, anti-Semitic father who professed to be a born-again Christian.

David's pain was the key to his power.

David had to expose to the light the pains that his father and grandfather bore, and the weapons they used to defend themselves. He had to confront voices from beyond the grave which had tormented his great-grandfather, grandfather and father - not only for his sake, but for the sake of his children and grandchildren.

David realized he could celebrate his scars while searching for the Father he had never known. He had to discover the great trials prepare great men for great tasks. What David perceived as his pain was in fact the key to his power.

David had to risk rejection and deal with adandonment.

David had to confront what was threatening him. With no place to hide, he could not find a way to face his personal problems. You’ll enjoy this extraordinary story of discovery and hope.


The Light by Mike Evans

The Light by Mike Evans

When a father forsakes his God-given responsibilities,
Can a son find the strength to forgive?

… David took a deep breath and forced himself to think.
God’s grace, he told himself, reaches to the depths of sin.

When a son is wounded beyond belief,
Can he unleash the healing power of love on his entire family?

Unforgiveness is like drinking poison while hoping it will make your enemy sick, David thought to himself.

When a heaven-sent messenger draws near and empowers healing…
Can a man of God believe what he sees?

As he sat there on the step the light through the window grew brighter again, filling the room and surrounding him with its glow.

You’ll love The Light by Mike Evans, a moving story of grace and forgiveness
beyond measure.